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Be well...be wealthy...start your wellness business now!
Wealth in wellness is the essence of the entrepreneurial opportunity we are offering at WOW WORLD OF WELLNESS DIRECT SALES. Giving the General public access to high quality, affordable and truly beneficial natural health, beauty, and wellness product that can improve lives is the prime reason why our business was conceived. WOW believes that the real wealth is health and the more people who can afford to invest in their health, the healthier and wealthier our nation would be.

WOW is not about quick fix and is not a get rich quick scheme. Part of our business advocacy is to keep our margins low and our compensation plan reasonably competitive so that we can keep a very affordable mass market price offering.

The WOW COMPENSATION PLAN is a Three-tier business model,common in most Direct Sales Organizations that offer a multi-line of consumer goods. It rewards and recognizes effort on SALES and SPONSORING from a personal contribution or a group production. Our distinct advantage among other similar Compensation Plan is our capability to price our products low that allows everybody participating in the business an equal opportunity to earn without restricions;and Limitations.


Membership is lifetime so privileges are lifetime as well. This includes 22% outright discounts, up to 10% promotional rebates, 2% lifetime wellness bonus, credit line, recruitment incentives, travel incentives, quarterly incentives, annual incentives and free seminar from wellness experts likes Cory Quirino (health, beauty & wellness guru), Dr. Rudy Apostol (pathologist, aesthetic medicines & anti aging medicine), and Dr. Ross Anne S. Perez (cosmetic surgeon & aesthetic medicine).

Membership is lifetime hence privileges are lifetime as well.We allow dynamic comprehension and push-up.There is no annual renewal of membership no monthly maintenance